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generally, how long does food stay in the stomach?

how long does food take to digest?
based on available evidence, solid foods with high fat content (like bacon and eggs) would take 8 hours to clear. clear liquids like water would take 4 hours to pass thru.however, it should be pointed out that these numbers are NOT based on good studies. do you remember that story about general beaumont? he was a civil war doctor who was able to study digestion because he had a patient that survived an exposed abdominal wound which allowed him to look directly into the patient's stomach. well, these numbers are based on that one patient! but again, those are the only estimates available to us currently.
about 8 hours
69 days
food stays i the stomache for about 3 hours, The food then moves into a tube called the small intestine then the large intestine. Food takes 10 to 20 hours to pass through the body.
this is a fact
i was taught at skl that it takes 24hrs to get out of ur system- but how comes after a big meal we hav to poo.
tis very weird
i wud say myself that it takes about 12hrs.
depends on the food-----some foods that are in a liquid state,go through very fast because they don't have to be broken down as much.Also when you have a barium series on an empty stomach,the barium wiill leave the stomach within 1-2 minutes.
3 to 3 hrs in stomach
6 to 8 hrs for digestion.
it stays in the stomach for 2 hours and then in the intestine for another 2 hours. the undigested food goes to the large intestine and the digested food goes to whole body through blood.
Carbhydrates and proteins about 1 1/2 -2 hrs. Fats 2 hrs.
All food processes through the stomach at the same approximate rate, 1.2 liters per hour. It does not matter whether it is liquid or solid, protien or carb. The stomach does not actually digest the food, that is done in the small intestine. The stomach merely finishes the job that your mouth starts, mashing the food into a digestible paste.
I Used to Use a Rule of Thumb of About 1 Hour for an Orally Administered Med. to Start to Have Effect, As Far as Stomach Emptying is Concerned, It Depends On the Food, but Greater than 1 Hour.
the gastric emptying time is 6-8 hours
Some simple things (water and alcohol, for instance) are absorbed quite rapidly. A high-fat meal may churn around in your stomach for 3 or 4 hours before transiting to the duodenum. Total transit time from stem to stern is quite variable, but averages 3-5 days.

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